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Austrian know-how is in world-wide demand

Foam producer Eurofoam celebrates its first licence for production of a specialised foam material with integrated cellulose

In the last few years Eurofoam have developed a range of functional foam materials. One major innovation is cellpur, a comfort foam material with integrated cellulose for improved moisture absorption. The product was developed in co-operation with Lenzing and is patented world-wide. Up until now more than 70 sales and processing licences have been issued mainly in Europe but equally in China, Japan and Taiwan. Now Eurofoam can celebrate its first “foaming licence”: the Turkish foam producer SAFAS will in future be able to manufacture cellpur itself and exclusively in Turkey and in the surrounding export markets. In October, the company will present cellpur at an exclusive customer event in Istanbul.

Kremsmünster, 12.09.2011. – With the development of cellpur comfort foam material Eurofoam have generated valuable know-how. Since the advantages of this product win customers, there is worldwide interest in this unique foam material. Eurofoam have therefore decided to issue licences for the production of cellpur. Searching for suitable business partners the Austrian company has found what it is looking for in Turkey. Eurofoam were able to bring the Turkish market leader SAFAS on board. In the next few months Austrian employees will be making a series of visits to the Ankara site in order to set up the modern production plant for the manufacture of cellpur.

Turkish foam manufacturers produce Austrian innovation
After months of negotiation Eurofoam have issued the first foam licence to a Turkish foam material manufacturer. This exclusive licence partnership allows SAFAS to produce and process cellpur for a wide range of applications like bedding, upholstered furniture and shoes. In this way the Turkish foam manufacturer would like to distinguish itself from its competitors and offer its customers alongside standard products also foam materials with premium functionality. The first step is to produce cellpur in its familiar form while in the future it is planned to develop localized foam qualities for the Turkish market.

SAFAS, a business partner with experience and a vision for the future
Since 1967 the Turkish company has been producing polyurethane foam and has wide ranging market knowledge. Through high quality premium products it has succeeded in placing itself in the top price segment. “In 2009 we set up a new production site in Ankara with a fully automated foaming plant and corresponding processing capacity. This enabled us to jump from a regional foam manufacturer to a Top of the Range Foamer for Turkey and the surrounding export markets.” Something of which Murat Özden, chairman of SAFAS, is particularly proud of. It is planned to expand further into the market for example with innovative products and a presentation by cellpur in the first weeks of October.

cellpur, a world-wide patented comfort foam material
Eurofoam Kremsmünster have developed a comfort foam unique throughout the world through its cooperation with Lenzing, the market leader in the manufacture and processing of cellulose fibres. Through years of development they have succeeded in integrating cellulose as a powder into the foam material structure. This considerably improves the moisture absorption of the material and results in product advantages which are in demand in many areas. cellpur is primarily used in mattresses and cushions but also for example in shoes and bra inserts. In addition, there are current initial projects additionally in the fields of the automobile industry and sports clothing.

Corporate Data
The Eurofoam group has 40 plants in 13 countries in central and Eastern Europe. The concern produces and processes polyurethane foam materials. In Austria Eurofoam is represented by Eurofoam GmbH Austria in five locations (Kremsmünster, Linz, Innsbruck, Graz, Vienna). Eurofoam GmbH Austria has a workforce of 304 employees and its turnover in 2010 was 80.4 million Euros.


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